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 WASHINGTON OUTREACH MINISTRY provides FREE diabetes education
 DEMAC - Diabetes Education Maintenance and Control

 DEMAC is a healthcare and wellness program that provides diabetes screening as well as education, including prevention and treatment strategies and   steps that can be taken to improve overall health. While the primary focus is diabetes, we also focus on other factors that affect the mind, body and   soul. The program includes Zance (Zumba/dance) weekly exercise classes. 

 All DEMAC classes are provided at no charge to the public on Thursday nights at 6:00 pm and Zance classes are directly following the DEMAC sessions   (starting at approximately 7:15 pm).   

 These classes are located at the Washington Outreach Ministry facility at 2007 Capernium Road, Cherryville, NC 28120. 

 DEMAC has also partnered with local healthcare providers to offer the following support to the community: 

 Healthcare, wellness and personal development: Access to integrated therapy - Caring for the whole self - Promoting optimal care -             Self-care awareness - How to read nutritional labels and prepare nutritional meals - Insurance education and information - Mentorship 

 Substance abuse support: Education - support groups - referrals 

 Clinical support: Crisis, trauma, depression, grief, PTSD, psycho-social behavior, stress management


Founder: Rev. Frances R. Webber, MDiv.